Silvermoon Publishing closed down in 2016, and is no longer in operation.

This page has been set up by Stagescripts Ltd to assist, where possible, any customer or client writer of Silvermoon Publishing.

We have been contacted by a number of Silvermoon's writers who have expressed an interest
in keeping their plays and/or pantomimes under representation for publishing and licensing, and
we'd be happy to open a discussion with any other ex-Silvermoon writer.

If you are a producing organisation wishing to perform a play previously
in the Silvermoon catalogue then Stagescripts Ltd may be able to help.
Please see the list of ex-Silvermoon client writers below that we now represent.

Whether a writer or a producing customer of Silvermoon , please do not phone us in the first instance,
but use the contact form on the Stagescripts Ltd website.

  • Phil Mansell
  • Ron Nicol
  • Derek Webb